Simple Tricks To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Taking a green approach is something we greatly value and pride ourselves on at GBS Commercial Cleaning.  Making your business “greener” in this day and age can seem like quite the daunting task at first, but implementing even the smallest changes around the office can instantly make all the difference. 


Here are a few simple tricks that you can follow to help reduce your business’ carbon footprint and make your work environment more of an eco-friendly one:


1)  Switch all of the light bulbs in your office to energy-efficient bulbs or LED lights.


2)  RECYCLE!  And make sure as many of your office supplies as possible— especially printer paper— are made from recycled materials.  Limiting how much you print is also smart, too (try to only print when it is absolutely necessary, and don’t forget to change your printer paper settings to double-sided printing!)


3)  Encourage your employees to bike to work, take public transportation, or carpool.


4)  Make sure you are conserving energy and electricity by remembering to turn off all of the lights and office equipment after business hours, including all computers and thermostats!


5)  Always be aware about what you are bringing into your office’s AIR!  Protect the wellbeing of  your employees and the environment by making sure that the commercial cleaning products being used in your workplace are non-toxic and green seal certified.  Check out how the equipment and products we use at GBS reflect our green approach.


You can learn more about becoming a greener business here.


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