When it Comes To Home Scents… Use Some Green Sense!


Some of our favorite things about this time of year are the iconic smells of the holidays! From pumpkin spice to peppermint to Christmas pine, we love experiencing the comfort and joy of the holiday season through these signature scents and they always fill us with a glow of memories of many falls and winters past…

Besides their nostalgic powers, popular brands of home scent products (such as wall plug-ins, air fresheners, room sprays, and scented candles) also have strong chemical powers and harmful side effects. The most common chemicals found in artificial fragrances and, inevitably, in our air, are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), petroleum-based chemicals, and neurotoxins. Not only can these cause short and long-term health problems like headaches and respiratory illnesses, but they also can pose carcinogenic risks. 

But not to worry, you don’t have to give up your favorite apple cinnamon room spray altogether— there are always healthier, safer, and greener alternatives!  Here are some ways to liven up your air during the holidays without introducing harsh chemicals into your home or workplace:

Turn on the crockpot! Adding natural ingredients to your crockpot like apple, orange, and lemon slices along with some cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and a splash of water (or even apple cider or lemon juice) is a great way to get your space smelling like the holidays in no time. I even like to throw in some rosemary and vanilla extract sometimes, if I’m really in the mood for some aromatherapy! You can even leave your crockpot on overnight or all day long to ensure a lingering fragrance.  Just make sure the ingredients are mulling on a low heat setting so they don’t overcook!

DIY Spray! Make your own non-toxic air freshener spray by adding essential oils to baking soda and then mixing in water.  Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and voíla!— you have your own all-natural, chemical-free air freshener spray! There are hundreds of natural essential oils out there and you can customize your spray’s scent however you please, the possibilities are endless! A few personal favorites of mine are peppermint essential oil for Christmastime, and clove and orange essential oils are also wonderfully fragrant together. Look for essential oils at your local natural foods grocery store, or you can order them online (you can even buy them organic!).

Pass the potpourri! Wax wick candles can pose a fire risk, especially at the office, so if you want to avoid the use of a flame make your own potpourri at home and then bring some of it to work! Homemade potpourri satchels also make great holiday gifts for friends and family. Read how to make your own holiday potpourri using natural dry ingredients here.

 Who knew that using some green sense could smell so good?

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