Green Tips for the Holidays

This month we will be posting links and tips on how to remain eco-concious, environmentally friendly, and sustainable during the holiday season. Check back soon to see what the next “Green Tip” will be!


Green Tip #1: We loved these DIY eco-friendly ornaments.  Great for weekend crafting and/or holiday gifting!  Hang around the office or home, decorate your desk, brighten up your tree or even your windows…


Photo: Jeanne Oliver/Flea Market Style


Green Tip #2:  Try decorating your space with seasonal flair that’s only found in nature… Pine cones, tree trimmings, and even bundles of fresh Christmas herbs are beautiful and earth-friendly!  Tie them together to create a rustic holiday wreath, or stick little branches into a vase to put on your desk.  Fresh herbs also make lovely centerpieces.  Check out some of these famous “Herbs of Christmas”:


Photo: The Rockport Herb & Rose Study Group


Green Tip #3: Rather than going out and buying brand new wrapping paper, get creative and try using paper grocery bags, newspaper (the comic section is always fun!), or any other kind of left over paper around the office or home.  And don’t forget to reuse + recycle!


Photo: Pinterest


Green Tip #4: Decor that is edible is also decor that is sustainable!  Poke cloves into clementines, oranges, or apples (they keep the house and office smelling great, too) or layer dried cranberries, popcorn, and shredded coconut in a glass bowl or vase to create a holiday-themed parfait that is equally beautiful as it is delicious.  Biodegradable twine  is also ideal for stringing popcorn and hanging cookie ornaments, dried red peppers, sparkly crystallized ginger, dehydrated fruit– you name it!  If you can eat it, you can do it!  Click here for more edible ideas.


Photo: Jean Nick/Organic Gardening Magazine


Green Tip #5:  Consider going paperless this year when sending out your holiday greeting cards.  E-mailing electronic greeting cards is a great way to be green and significantly reduce your amount of paper waste this season.  Another option is to use greeting cards that are made from recycled paper.  To really step-up your eco-consciousness, try going paperless as much as possible during the holidays: swap your paper plates and plastic silverware for real holiday dish ware that you can reuse each year, or use compostable party supplies; Also, remember to bring reusable shopping bags when you go shopping for gifts and groceries, as plastic shopping bags and paper bags can add a lot of waste to your holiday very quickly!  




Green Tip #6:  Happy New Year!  Celebrate 2014 and start out the new year “green” by trying one of these eco-friendly cocktails!  Or, make up your own eco-friendly cocktail recipes by using organic, local, and/or homegrown ingredients (like rosemary for the Rosemary Gin Fizz), and serve in compostable cups if you are having a big party! HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS!



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