Easy Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away… Why not celebrate this year with less waste and more love? Not only will your friends, family, and significant other appreciate your act(s) of kindness and affection, but so will the earth. Take a break from all of the cliché pink and red and be GREEN this Valentine’s Day instead by keeping a few of these ideas in mind:


1) Avoid highly processed, artificially flavored candies and choose organic and fair-trade products for a sweeter and more earth-friendly gift. However, do keep in mind that bulk candy packaging and wrappers can really make for a lot of waste, so why not make your own Valentine’s Day goodies? We like these organic chocolate covered strawberries, or just melt down organic chocolate and dip in your favorite fruit or snack, like pretzels or homemade cookies. Be extra green and use reusable, compostable, and/or recyclable materials as your gift-wrap, such as decorated compostable gift boxes or tupperware containers.


Photo: www.welcometomontalvocountry.blogspot.com


2) Send out e-Cards instead of buying generic Valentine’s Day cards at the grocery store. Emailing your Valentines is literally a zero-waste process, and they are also SO easy to send out to all of your loved ones (channeling your inner-cupid is just a click away!). Also, an e-Card is instant, so it saves you money on the otherwise needed envelopes and stamps, and it also saves you a trip to the post office! If you had your heart set on making a homemade card, then do so using recycled materials (think collaging with old magazines, using recycled paper, etc.)


Photo: www.picship.com


3) Rather than giving a bouquet of picked flowers, give a live plant! This is perhaps the greenest gift of them all. Give a plant that will grow, thrive, and bloom rather than one that wilts, dies, and needs to be thrown away next week! Our favorite live plant to give and receive? Herbs! Nothing says “I love you” like a miniature herb garden that can grace your kitchen counter or windowsill; It’s truly the gift that keeps giving!

il_570xN-1.455315974_opq9   boxwood-clippings_new-home-herb-gift-e1367443250896

Photo: Sierra Metal Designs/www.etsy.com                                                Photo: www.boxwoodclippings.com

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