Add a little GREEN to your Red, White, & Blue! How to have an eco-friendly Fourth of July


Don’t forget to wave your green flag along with your red, white, and blue this Fourth of July!!!


It’s almost time to celebrate the Independence Day of the great USA, and we encourage you all to do so in style and as eco-mindedly as possible!


Here are a few tips for how to add a little green to your patriotic parties this year:


Avoid plastic cutlery, plates, cups and styrofoam as well. Instead, reach for reusable or compostable ones when entertaining– we recommend visiting for tableware that is biodegradable, renewable, and non-toxic.  This easy green choice can potentially cut your party’s waste down to ZERO!


–  Turn your grill into a green machine! Traditional charcoal barbecues create a ton of smoke, and on the Fourth of July, it has been estimated that over 60 million grills will be burning up the equivalent of 2,300 acres of forest. To spare the air, look for more sustainable and ecological alternatives, like barbecue briquettes that are made from recycled scrap wood, or going with a propane or electric outdoor grill instead. Also, purchase and cook local and organic food!



 Make your own decorations like the recycled tin can lanterns above instead of buying them (store bought decorations also usually come in very un-eco-friendly packaging and wrapping!), and definitely opt for solar powered decorative lights and lanterns so you can party into the night! Also, keep in mind that most fireworks contain hazardous chemicals and oxidizers like barium and perchlorates, which interfere with thyroid and heart function. These chemicals pose serious health risks and their fumes are toxic to breathe; they can even pollute surrounding water and soil as well. If you really want to be green on the Fourth, tone down the pyrotechnics this year and try creating your own spectacular, eco-friendly light shows with LED glowsticks and flashing toys! They use 1/6 the amount of energy of normal light bulbs, and do not contain any chemicals. If you’ve got your heart set on fireworks, then try to buy ones that are more nitrogen-rich, as they put off less fumes and less smoke into the environment!


Always recycle and reuse whenever possible! Save your decorations and supplies for next year’s party, and make sure to eat all those leftovers!



Have a red, white, blue, and green 

Fourth of July!

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