The Best Green Upgrades for the Office

Don’t be intimidated by the words “going green”– even little upgrades here and there can transform your workplace and business into much more sustainable sanctuaries!

Although we also encourage “large-scale” upgrades (such as installing solar panels) to make your business and/or building  operationally sustainable and certified green, starting small is very realizable and can immediately make a big difference. When getting started, try to stick to relatively inexpensive investments that will save your business energy, resources, and money over time (we promise that it’s much easier than you think!).

The best affordable green upgrades for the office that we recommend are:

Let natural light in. Opening the blinds and letting your office windows fill your workplace with natural light not only will significantly cut down on your energy costs, but sunlight is also good for your health.

Swap your bulbs. Make sure all of your lamps and overhead light fixtures are as energy-efficient as possible! Trade out traditional incandescent light bulbs for eco-friendly LED ones- they will save you a ton of money and they omit much better light (crisp and clear, versus glaring and yellow).

– Use recycled paper. Or better yet, go paperless! If you really must print something off, always use 100% recycled paper, enforce a strict recycling policy in the office, and get some recycling bins! Recycle as much as possible, and use recycled office products whenever possible– check out for recycled office supplies, promotional products, and more.

– Clean green! We cannot stress enough how important it is to be ecologically responsible and to spare the air and your employees from being exposed to the toxic synthetic chemicals that are found in conventional cleaning products. Purge the janitor’s closet of chemical-ridden (phosphates and phthalates, etc.) cleaners, and instead go for more environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternatives. When you clean green, you are truly making your office, building, business, and environment a greener and healthier place!

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