3 Tips For Keeping The Office Clean Throughout The Winter

Snow may be white, but we all know it can create quite the mess. No matter what, slush on the ground and wet weather conditions significantly increase the amount of moisture that is (accidentally) brought indoors, which inevitably affects your building’s entire cleaning routine. Wintertime can really dirty the office quickly, so here’s a few tips to help keep things clean and dry when it’s cold outside!





1) Windows are often neglected in the winter months, but clean windows are essential to maintaining a clean and dry office. Make sure your building’s windows are washed regularly so that sunlight can shine through bright and clear– this will not only fill your office with natural light, which has many work productivity benefits, but having sunlight in the office also greatly helps to absorb excess moisture (especially on carpets). Clean windows in the winter helps the indoor air stay clean and dry, helps the floors stay dryer and safer (wet floors = an accident waiting to happen!), and can help prevent molds from growing (a warm and damp office can quickly become a cesspool of germs!).

2) Floors are probably the most obvious areas of the office that need regular maintenance and frequent cleaning throughout the winter. Despite high quality floor mats and/or requiring employees to vigorously wipe their feet upon entering the building, both carpets and hard floors will still get wet and lots mud, snow, and even salt and sand from the sidewalks will find a way indoors. Often, carpets and floors will need to be vacuumed every day to get rid of the dirt and grime that’s tracked in, and the hard floors will most likely need to be mopped daily so that they do not stay wet (again, wet floors are a huge liability and are very dangerous). To prevent scratching and damage, your hard floors will also need to be buffed or sanded regularly, or even stripped and then resealed so that the winter moisture does not destroy them.




3) Last but not least, disinfect your office consistently and prevent the flu and other germs and pathogens from spreading! Just make sure that the disinfectant products used in your office are environmentally friendly and safe/non-toxic (at GBS, we only use non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants!). Things like doorhandles, office supplies, computer keyboards, and work surfaces are huge hotspots for germs and will require a daily wipe down to ensure nobody gets sick! Encouraging employees to wash their hands is also a great way to reduce germs from spreading in the office.











  1. Thanks for the information. Keeping my office clean through winter has been awful, seeing as everyone tracks in snow. I’ll follow your tip about putting out rugs. I also think I’ll hire a janitorial service to help us out. Hopefully they’ll be able to stop this chaos! http://www.genesiscleaning1989.com/carpet-cleaning-commercial-cleaning-mechanicsburg-pa-camp-hill-harrisburg-new-cumberland-lemoyne-pa.html

  2. Thanks for sharing this advice on keeping a clean office environment! I definitely agree that it is nice to have clean floors in an office building. In fact, I think that it is one of the best ways to ensure that your office looks professional and clean.

  3. Disinfecting is essential! Especially if you’re in a call center environment where headgear and desk space is shared. It’s a breeding ground for viruses. These are all great tips for getting through the winter, thanks for sharing.

  4. At the place I used to work, no one cleaned the windows during the winter. They windows became so dirty that they would dim the sunlight coming through. I think cleaning the windows clean can improve the appearance of a room or building by a lot. What’s the best way to clean windows during the winter?

  5. Thanks for the information about keeping my office clean during the winter. I definitely want to make sure to prevent the flu from spreading around my office. I’ll be sure to disinfect my office consistently, like you suggest. Great article!

  6. I agree that windows are often neglected. I think it’s because it’s so cold, that you just don’t want to go out in that weather, so I’ll have to find a way to still keep them clean! I think that I could help the office by being disinfected by buying lots of hand sanitizer. Thanks for these tips!

  7. Having a clean office can really help moral, and keep productivity up. You want to make sure your employees are more focused on doing the work you pay them to do, rather than cleaning up. Getting a cleaning service can really help you to keep things spotless, and your profits going up with worker productivity.

  8. Great post!! Thanks for the useful info. I’m glad warmer weather is on it’s way!! Still important none the less to have office spaces cleaned year around.

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