Spring is Almost Here! Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

Sustainable Lafayette

Sustainable Lafayette

Winter is on its way out and it’s time to start thinking about preparing for spring!

The dawn of the new season not only brings us nicer weather, but it also brings us the opportunity for a fresh start, giving its name to the well-known annual tradition of “spring cleaning.” If you own a business, or maintain an office, building, or any other type of facility or workspace, then the thought of “spring cleaning” may seem very, very intimidating… and that is normal! To get things organized and clean in time for spring (and to maintain this all year long), there is truly so much to do. Cleaning up the winter muck from all of the windows, carpets, and floors alone is enough to make your spring to-do list feel daunting and endless.

But don’t panic just yet— help is out there! Outsourcing these chores to a commercial cleaning company can really help make “spring cleaning” a breeze and can cut your daily, weekly, and even monthly maintenance to-do lists down to zero moving forward.


Here are the top three reasons why hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to maintain your facility is smart (and a lifesaver!):


– It improves the appearance and quality of your office, business, and/or facility. When your space is clean and well kept, it is more inviting and comfortable; people (customers, visitors, and employees alike) will greatly appreciate and enjoy its new, clean look and sparkling atmosphere! And even after the whirlwind of “spring cleaning” is over, it’s still important to follow a cleaning regimen so that your space and working environment can stay tidy, organized, and look and function its very best. If your space is not kept clean, then you will not keep customers or employees.


-It improves your employees’ health and overall work productivity— a clean workspace is an efficient and successful one. Keeping your space clean does not just have aesthetic implications; sanitization is absolutely necessary in order for employees, customers, and visitors to also feel as safe as possible. Clutter can cause accidents, believe it or not, and dirty floors can cause falls (cleaning your facility is truly a liability). From bathrooms to desktops, to carpets to windows, germs and dirt also hide every where; the amount of germs and pathogens that exist in an average work or business environment is staggering, and we cannot begin stress more how vital it is to protect the health and wellbeing of those who work for you. If your space is clean and sanitary, you can count on employee attendance and feel confident that they are coming to a safe, healthy, and happy place to work each day. Furthermore, it’s also important to prioritize the efficiency your work environment— it’s been proven that a clean workspace  maximizes employee morale, productivity, and is an integral benchmark for your business’ success. Hiring a professional janitorial service to ensure your space is routinely disinfected and cleaned is a practical (and necessary) business decision.

Feel free to check out the following infographics to find out how clean your office really is and why a clean and green office is a healthy office!


You can use a commercial cleaning company as often or as much as you need. At GBS, we customize our janitorial and facilities services to fit your exact needs. We assess your space in person and work closely with you to design a service proposal that is the perfect, personalized plan. Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly, we are here to listen to your janitorial and maintenance needs and make sure that your space is well taken care of at all times. Interested in learning more about how we can help you keep it clean and keep it green? Click here!


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