How to Start Spring Cleaning Your Office

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be so scary. Get started on revitalizing your work space by following these easy steps!

1) Pick a date. It is easy to keep putting off dealing with the piles of clutter on your desk, but procrastinating what you need to get done will just cause you more stress. Plan ahead and schedule your Spring Cleaning day into your week so that you can stay on top of it! You will feel much better knowing that a date is set, and it will empower and inspire you to feel ready to tackle your office chores.

2) Start sorting! A large stack of papers and things can be really quite daunting; our desks and drawers collect lots of items throughout the years and it may feel impossible to get through at first. But the key to organizing is first sorting. Grab some boxes or containers, assign labels (such as, “trinkets,” “papers,” “supplies,” “photos,” etc.), and just start picking things up and dropping them into the correct box. Once everything is sorted by type, it will be much easier to go through your stuff and decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be tossed!

3) Take your time. No matter how badly you want to get your Spring Cleaning over with, don’t rush. The last thing you want to happen is to move to quickly and end up throwing something out that you actually needed to keep! Be sure to stay present and as you go through your things, ask yourself, “Do I need this? Have I used this in the last 30 days? Will I really miss this if it’s gone? Is this replaceable?” If you are unsure about something, create a miscellaneous file folder and stow it there. For office supplies like pens and scissors, you only need a couple working pens and one pair of scissors, so do not be afraid to get rid of the rest.

4) Recycle and clean green. ALWAYS recycle whatever you can and donate working office supplies, and don’t bring in toxic chemicals to tackle any messes– they will only pollute your indoor air. Need help with keeping it clean and green this spring? Contact GBS!

5) Whistle while you work! Don’t make Spring Cleaning such an awful drag. Put on some good music and get in the zone! It also helps to get a friend or colleague to join you so you can have a buddy while you work (it’s always nice to have a teammate on your side!). Happy Spring Cleaning!

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