The Top 15 Plants (That You May Have Never Heard of!) for Removing Indoor Air Toxins


Numerous scientific studies (including the Clean Air Study by NASA) have proven that certain plants act as air filters and can absorb up to 85% of harmful toxins and gases in indoor spaces and office buildings. From benzene (a carcinogen found in common cleaning products, cigarette smoke, paint and varnishes, and rubber) to ammonia (also found in cleaning products, cigarette smoke, and even in computer parts), to formaldehyde (furniture, carpets, natural gas, plastics…) and trichloroethylene (printer ink, carpet cleaners, paint and varnishes…), our indoor air contains a ton of compounds that can cause illness and serious health issues.

With summertime finally here, indoor plants aren’t just a great way to decorate your desk and brighten up your workplace – plants make the air cleaner, enhancing productivity and protecting the health of your employees. Here are 15 beautiful plants (so you may have never heard of before!) that have advanced air-cleaning powers:

  1. Flamingo Flower
  2. Barberton Daisy
  3. Lady Palm
  4. Chinese Evergreen
  5. Spider Plant
  6. Golden Pothos (or Money Plant)
  7. Ficus
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. Snake Plant
  10. Philodendron
  11. Boston Fern
  12. Peace Lily
  13. Bamboo Palm
  14. Dendrobium Orchids
  15. Chrysanthemum

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